Summer at the Prep

St. Joseph's Prep Summer Program has been a transformative experience for my son. The combination of enriching core classes, engaging speaker series, and diverse extracurricular activities allowed him to not only enhance his skill sets but also discover his passion for leadership."

~Prep U Parent
St. Joseph's Prep offers a myriad of programs for boys and girls each summer!
Pre 7, Pre 8 and current students fill the halls at 17th & Girard to learn, meet, and play. Each afternoon students are encouraged to try out our sports and enrichment camps. There is something for everyone at the Prep in the summer. 

Come join us!
"My son thrived in improv, science, and writing classes, and the strategy gaming sessions fostered a sense of camaraderie among students. The impact was profound–after the program, he confidently ran for class president at his middle school, delivering a winning campaign and a compelling speech to his class. This newfound confidence, instilled by the Prep's program, has empowered him to overcome boundaries and pursue leadership opportunities."

~Prep U Parent
Yes, we offer busing from your neighborhood! Busing hubs throughout the Delaware Valley makes Prep U an option for students from every area. Shuttle service to and from Suburban Station is also available for those who want to take Regional Rail or live in Center City.

The buses run each morning from approximately 6:45 a.m. (depending on your pickup hub) until students arrive at the Prep by 8:15 a.m. Then they load up again once classes are over at the Prep at 2:15 p.m., to drop off at the hubs. Bus fees (see below) are in addition to the Prep U tuition. You will choose a transportation option during the registration process.

Dates of Operation: June 24 - July 26 for Class of 2028
and July 8 - 26 for Prep U participants
Bus 2-Way Bus 1-Way Suburban Station Shuttle
$375 $225 $125
Depending on the number of students on each route, your child may be assigned to either a bus or a van. For those familiar with the Prep’s transportation and busing during the school year, please note that the summer program uses different routes. During both the summer and the school year, we do our best to meet all the transportation needs of the Prep community.

To view bus routes for this summer, click here.

The deadline to register for Summer Transportation is Monday, June 3.

Click here to REGISTER for summer transportation.

If you have transportation questions, contact Mr. Tyler Sandora, Director or Transportation, or call 267-515-5995. 
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