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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion connects all members of Prep Nation in a united effort in support of one another for the greatest impact on our students so they may become Men For and With Others.
In pursuit of this goal, a diverse student body becomes part of the educational experience, better preparing students to work in an increasingly multicultural world, one in which local, national and international challenges are often grounded in cultural, religious or linguistic differences.

The Prep's diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and programs enhance the life of the school, contributing to an environment that reflects and nurtures the recognition and appreciation of human dignity and multiple perspectives while embracing and celebrating our shared experiences. The Prep is committed to attracting diverse talent among its colleagues with the motivation to reach others in every part of the world as fundamental to the Society of Jesus.

As we work together to meet the evolving needs of our students, the Prep community is invited to shape the future of DEI at the Prep. Ms. Brown-Givens will meet with colleagues in November 2023 to rework and refine the Mission Statement for the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at St. Joseph's Prep. 
Ms. Nailah Brown-Givens she/her
Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
The Mission of St. Joseph's Prep as a Catholic, Jesuit, urban, college preparatory school is to develop the minds, hearts, souls, and characters of young men in their pursuit of becoming Men For and With Others. 
Registration is now open for the Bakari Awards on May 31. We hope that we can join us as we celebrate our distinguished students of color. 
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On Campus

Students, Faculty, Staff, Coaches

Working to shift towards an intentional culture of care and community of belonging. It is important to our Jesuit identity and community for members to see their identities represented on campus through the curriculum, programming opportunities, and hiring decisions. The intentionality provides our community with opportunities to reflect on themselves and how they can better be present for one another as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 
  • DEI Advisory Ambassadors 
  • DEI Council 
  • Black and Latino Culture Club
  • Asian Cultural Club 
  • Breaking Barriers
  • For the Culture Club

African American Alumni Association

Founded in 1990 by an active and dedicated group of Prep alums, the African American Alumni Association (A4) helps current and future students to reap the amazing benefits of a Prep education. As engaged members of the Prep community, their impact is evident across the school. 

Mission is to advance, promote and exemplify a commitment to diversity at the Prep through inclusion, advocacy and its ongoing engagement with A4 alumni and current students.

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We know that it is a family decision to attend the Prep and it can be a financial sacrifice as well. We honor and support that commitment by including families in our programming and creating a welcoming community for all members to thrive. Through affinity spaces and events that allow families to celebrate and discuss the nuances of being a student of color at the Prep, we have the ability to provide unique resources and welcome all voices. 


As active members of our community, St. Joseph’s Prep students are committed to neighborhood outreach often giving voice to the voiceless. Our location in North Philadelphia enables our young men to make a powerful difference through service opportunities and community engagement. 
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive
  • Block Captains
  • Philly Rec Swim
  • Youth Basketball


Propelling Prep
Inclusive Best Practice Form
Used to celebrate any community member whose efforts aid the Prep in actualizing its vision of inclusive excellence.
Propelling Prep Form

Bias Reporting Form
Its purpose is to capture experiences around bias within our Prep community, investigate, and bring resolution to reported cases. We will use this information to repair harm, foster continuous learning around DEI topics, create impactful training sessions, make data driven decisions, and educate our members with the overall goal of creating positive change.
Bias Reporting Form

Bakari Awards
May 31, 2024
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The Bakari Awards is an annual awards ceremony recognizing the academic and leadership achievements of our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students of the Prep. Each year we recognize outstanding students and alumni who have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership in their fields.

The ceremony is also a time to honor our BIPOC seniors with the ceremonial multicultural graduation stole which symbolizes their transition from Prep students to distinguished alumni of the Prep. It invites these alumni into the fold of the A4 to continue serving our students and fulfilling that noble promise.

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Ms. Nailah Brown-Givens she/her
Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
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