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Clubs & Activities

St. Joseph’s Prep strongly encourages participation in co-curricular clubs and activities for all students in an effort to help our young men to find their passions and how they can best serve our world. To make as many opportunities available as possible, a wide variety of groups currently exist, with more than 60 currently established and new ones always being added. There truly is something for everyone at the Prep!

Academic & Cultural Clubs

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  • Aerospace Club

    The Aerospace Club focuses on learning about the science relating to aerospace (rockets, planes, and cars) and aerodynamics.
    Moderator: Dr. Geoff Nunes
  • Asian Culture Club/Asian Language Club

    The goal of the Asian Culture Club is to promote awareness and appreciation of Asian and Asian American culture, to act as a resource for students and faculty, and to provide a comfortable setting for social interaction which in turn helps strengthen the Asian American community at the Prep.
    Moderator: Ms. Joann Chen
  • Black and Latino Culture Club (BLCC)

    The BLCC is an organization founded to share academic, cultural, and social activities which promote the African American and Latino students at St. Joseph's Prep. The BLCC also provides a forum to empower African American and Latino students to share their experience as underrepresented students within the greater Prep community. The club is open to all students who are interested in learning more about the history, traditions, and customs of African Americans and Latinos.
    Moderator: Dr. Christian Rupertus
  • Chemistry Club

    The Chemistry Club provides a space for students to gain enrichment in the subject of Chemistry. The club uses knowledge of chemistry and applies it to tangible projects. Regular club meetings usually involve hands-on lab activities coordinated by the club officers. Past experiments have included: Make-Your-Own Ice Cream, Creating Batteries from Fruits and Metals, Creating Toothpaste.
    Moderator: Mr. Ronan Kelly
  • Chilean Exchange

    Moderator: Ms. Beza Wossene
  • Classics Club

    Classics Club is for students who have an interest in any aspect of the language, history, and culture of the ancient Greeks and Romans. All students are welcome and the direction of the club is dictated by the interest of the students.
    Moderator: Scott Mullen
  • DECA

    DECA is a competitive business club which “prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. The High School Division includes 200,000 members in 3,500 schools."
  • Forensics Speech and Debate

    The Villiger Society Speech and Debate Team provides its students with a team oriented setting and an opportunity to improve their research, argumentation, and public speaking skills while competing against students from all over the country. Over the past 20 years the St. Joseph’s Prep Forensics Team has established itself as one of the top teams in the local and state National Catholic Forensics League and is well respected on the national stage.
    Coach: Mr Tom Lederer ’13
    Moderator: Mr. Christian Patragnoni
  • French Club

    The French Club offers an opportunity for its members to experience French Culture outside the classroom. Students enjoy a multitude of cultural events in the area that relate to French heritage. Students visit the French section of the art museum, tour the Rodin museum and sample French cuisine ranging from crepes to traditional Morocan dishes. French videos are shown after school along with a sampling of Francophone culinary delights.
    Moderator: Ms. Deirdre Schlegel
  • German Club

    The German Club offers an opportunity for its members to experience German Culture outside the classroom. Students get to enjoy a multitude of cultural events in the Philadelphia area that bring German heritage to life. From visiting a German opera at the Academy of Music to eating at a Pennsylvania Dutch buffet - there are a lot of ways to be German.
    Moderator: Ms. Deirdre Schlegel
  • History Club

    The History Club is intended to bring history to life while at the same time allowing students to learn about historical events that they may not have the opportunity to discuss in their classes. Some highlights include local ceremonies that commemorate historical events, tours of local historical sites, research at historical libraries and museums, and participation in the National History Competition.
    Moderator: Mr. Leo Vaccaro ’05
  • Italian Culture Club

    The Italian culture club offers students insight into Italian Culture. Students are engaged by learning the history, geography, and geopolitical attributes that form the Italian Culture. Students also engage in Italian cooking and pastimes such as bocce.
    Moderator: Mr. Dino Pinto
  • Mathletes

    Mathletes is a competitive, inter-school team that is part of the Philadelphia Mathematics League. Being a member of Mathletes is an excellent experience for students who excel in Mathematics and problem solving. The team competes weekly in the fall and spring against Philadelphia Archdiocesan school and provides a fun social experience.
    Moderator: Mr. Matthew Miller
  • Mock Trial

    The Mock Trial Team participates in the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Statewide High School Mock Trial Competition. The team stages simulated jury trials by playing the role of lawyers, litigants, and witnesses, all in an actual courtroom before a judge and jury (composed of volunteer attorneys of the Pennsylvania Bar Association). At the beginning of the season, the team is given a case in which it must prepare to play the roles of both plaintiff/prosecution and the defendant. At trial, the jury determines the winner based upon the teams' abilities to prepare their cases, present arguments, and follow court procedural and evidentiary rules.
    Moderator: Mr. Tom Johnson, Esq.
  • Model UN

    The Model United Nations program is a simulation of the United Nations. Students are assigned to be a delegate from a country. They then research that country and investigate international current issues. At MUN conferences, delegates representing nation-states from all over the world then deliberate, debate, and develop peaceful solutions to world conflicts. Participants in MUN benefit by advancing in the areas of public speaking, diplomacy and global awareness.
    Moderator: Ms. Bethany Weed
  • National Honor Society

    The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization for high school students in the United States and outlying territories, which consists of many chapters in high schools. Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.
  • Philosophy Discussion Group

    The Philosophy Discussion Group believes that no concept is too far out and no topic is too sensitive or controversial for consideration. All informed opinions are welcome. From Socrates to Sartre, all viewpoints, from ancient to modern, are brought up for discussion. Personal beliefs and ideas are strongly encouraged. Members explore the meaning of life, the principles of politics and ethics, and much more.
  • Psychology and Neuroscience Society

    The Psychology and Neuroscience Society is dedicated to helping students explore brain and cognitive sciences. The purpose is to bring together students who share a common interest in the brain and nervous system. The club aims to discuss research projects and other programs related to the exciting field of neuroscience.
    Moderator: Dr. John Berna
  • Spanish Club

    The Spanish Club’s goals are to promote Spanish language and culture and to give the students an opportunity to learn outside the classroom. The members are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge of Hispanic countries, their culture, food and people through the different activities that encourage contact with Spanish speakers, through film, lectures,
    literature and other means.
    Moderator: Ms. Ligia Baland

Media, Performing & Visual Arts

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  • Cape and Sword Drama Society

    The mission of the Cape and Sword Drama Society is to provide vibrant opportunities for our students to engage in, and take ownership of, all aspects of producing theatre. Cape and Sword hopes to follow the Jesuit ideal of cura personalis, in that it strives to nurture the God-given talents of all individual students, in whatever area of theatre those talents may be (acting, singing, stagecraft, music, etc.). The mission of the Cape and Sword includes embodying the Ignatian magis – living greater, fuller, better. Students in Prep Drama will have high expectations set for them – on and off stage - and they will be treated with great respect, maturity and candor with a reciprocal expectation.
    Moderator: Mr. Tony Braithwaite ’89
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  • Chronicle Literary Magazine

    The Chronicle is St. Joseph's Prep literary magazine. Its mission is to showcase our talented students' writing and art. We feature poems, short stories, essays, and more!
    Moderator: Ms. Sonia Nelson
    Co-Moderator: Mrs. Jenna Robinson
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  • Church Choir

    The SJP Church Choir is responsible for singing at all of the community’s liturgical events. Participation is open to all students, faculty, staff, administration, and even parents.
    Moderator: Mr. Gavin McCauley
  • Concert and Pep Band

    The Concert & Pep Band is the core of the SJP Music Program. This ensemble rehearses every Thursday during Community Period and at other times as needed before a Prep event. Current instrumentation includes a full string section, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and an acoustic & electric rhythm section. Participation is open to all Prep students who play an appropriate instrument!
    Moderator: Mr. Gavin McCauley
  • Film & TV Discussion Club

    The Film & TV Discussion Club gathers to enjoy and analyze classic and contemporary works of film and television. TV episodes will be viewed when the club meets during community period and films will be viewed when the club meets after school. All genres are celebrated, and all brands of film and TV enthusiasts are welcome.
    Moderator: Mr. Andrew Whelan
  • Hawkeye Newspaper

    The ultimate goal of the Hawkeye Student Newspaper is to both entertain and inform the entire Prep community, as well as cultivate an environment that generates meaningful and productive conversation of the issues surrounding the St. Joseph's Prep community and beyond. For over 40 years, the Hawkeye has served the students, faculty, and staff as a record of all things Prep, and we pride ourselves on providing opportunities to any students wanting to explore their interests in journalism.
    Moderators: Mr. Kevin Kearney ’06 and Mr. Leo Vaccaro ’05
  • Jazz Band

    The Prep Jazz Band follows the classic format big bands like the Count Basie and Duke Ellington Orchestras. Placement in this ensemble is by audition only, and is available to saxophones, trombones, trumpets, piano, bass, drums, and guitar. Currently, the Jazz Band rehearses every Friday during the Community Period.
    Moderator: Mr. Gavin McCauley
  • Treblemakers A Cappella Group

    The Treblemakers is SJP’s a cappella group. Placement is by audition only. 
  • WSJP Student Broadcasting Club

    There is opportunity everywhere to find and tell stories. With that in mind, WSJP, the St. Joseph’s Preparatory School Student Broadcasting Club, looks to foster the passion for broadcasting by bringing unique opportunities on- and off-air to all members of the Prep community. WSJP brings you all the action of Prep sports and events going on throughout the school and also leads the Prep Sports twitter account, live tweeting games to 3,000+ followers.
    Moderator: Mr. Bill Avington ’90
  • Yearbook

    The Chronicle Yearbook captures the academic school year in photos and articles. The staff highlights the faculty and students as well as athletics and activities.
    Moderator: Ms. Leslie Ryan and Mr. Leo Vaccaro ’05

Special Interest & Service Clubs

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  • Anime Club

    The Anime Club celebrates multicultural film animation, fantastical stories of adventure, art in all its wild forms, and the endless possibilities of the human imagination. Students of all shapes, sizes, and levels of experience are always welcomed under the Anime Club umbrella.
    Moderator: Mr. Andrew Whelan
  • Breaking Barriers

    Breaking Barriers is a program of the Cura Personalis Faculty Team of St. Joseph's Preparatory School that promotes the love and acceptance of all individuals, particularly those who identify as LGBTQ.
    Moderators: Ms. Gina Gulli and Mr. Jim McGlynn
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  • Chess Club

    The Chess Club will provide both an environment for experienced chess players to gather and improve their abilities and an opportunity to learn the game for inexperienced players and newcomers.
    Moderator: Scott Mullen
  • Computer Science Club

    Students interested in computer science meet to learn and practice computer science concepts. Students trade solutions, programming tips, and current topics in the world of information technology. They also collectively build, repair, and disassemble a variety of computer models, which is fundamental in understanding the inner workings of technological devices. Training on device repair, and a service trip to teach children how to code, is also part of the yearly schedule.
    Moderator: Ms. Teresa Hoffman
  • Cooking Club

    Students will get hands-on experience cooking recipes to create meals, desserts, and other items. Weekly the group prepare and eat meals
    Moderator: Courtney Pinto
  • Drama Workshop

    The drama workshop, part of the overall Cape and Sword program, plans and builds the sets for each show. They consequently also demolish any existing set to make way for the new build. This group of students combine construction and art to make dramatic scenes for our Fall and Spring productions.
  • Film Making Club (17th & Girard Studios)

    The filmmaking club is a group of students with diverse interest in film, production, cinematography, and editing. Students work individually and as a group on both self-guided projects and assigned projects. This group serves to increase students' depth of knowledge pertaining to the art of film.
    Moderator: Mr. Mike Scannapieco ’09
  • Fishing Club

    The Fishing Club has focused on fresh water fishing. In addition to occasional outings to local streams and ponds, members learn about the difference between bait, lure and fly fishing. Fishing is not just about taking fish out of the water. It’s also about communing with nature, relaxing amid the quiet of the woods, casual conversation among friends, and about putting fish back in the water for others to enjoy catching.
    Moderator: Mr. Michael Dougherty '93
  • Gardening Club

    The Gardening Club hopes to provide Prep students with an outlet to work in nature, learn about agriculture, and serve as an educational tool to teach teamwork, leadership, diligence, and empathy. Using our produce and our resources, the club seeks to fight against food insecurity in our community and the greater Philadelphia area.

    Moderator: Ms. Kelly McGlynn
  • Harry Potter Club

    The Harry Potter Club meets to discuss the books and watch excerpts from the movies. Students are sorted into houses and compete against each other throughout the year by earning points during trivia challenges and book-themed competitions.
    Moderator: Ms. Gina Gulli
  • Hurtado Food Pantry

    The Hurtado team organizes monthly food collections and deliveries, sending out thousands of pounds of food to the community. Prep students, faculty, parents and alumni all take part in the action, serving the Philadelphia area's hungry and homeless. Deliveries are made throughout the year to St. Francis Inn, St. Peter's, the Mander Recreation Facility, and My Brother's House of the Bethesda Project, among other places.
    Moderator: Mr. Leo Vaccaro ’05
  • Intramurals

    Moderator: Dr. William Gillespie
  • Junior State of America (JSA)

    The Junior State of America (JSA) was founded in 1934 in California and has since spread across the nation’s high schools. Students in the club learn how to debate and to improve their public speaking skills. They also participate in fundraisers and community service. The JSA organization hosts three overnight chapter conferences every school year and all members of SJP JSA are encouraged to attend.
    Moderator: Ms. Gina Gulli
  • Mission & Ministry Leadership Team

    The Mission & Ministry Student Leadership Board helps to lead and organize Prep retreats, daily service opportunities, morning prayer, dress down days, and other special projects and programs throughout the year. They advise the Mission & Ministry Office on how to better serve the entire school community. These students have demonstrated through their actions, prayers, and advocacy that they desire to create the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

    Moderator: Mr. John Dougherty '04
  • MotorSport/Slot Car Club

    The motorsport/slot car club combines fun and science through slot car racing. Students learn about electricity, aerodynamics and friction in their pursuit to waving the checkered flag. This club meets regularly throughout the year.
    Moderator: Mr. Pete Callahan
  • Pax Christi Social Justice Club

    Pax Christ is St. Joseph's Prep social justice club. Organized through a combination of the Office of Student Life and the Mission and Ministry office, the club serves to advocate for the unheard, and underrepresented. They organize and run charity drives to support and empower populations to find success and have a voice.
    Moderators: Mr. Pete Callahan and Mr. Michael Gambone
  • Pool & Billiards Club

    The Prep's Pool & Billiards Club meets about once a week during Community Period and accepts beginners and more experienced players.
  • Prep Democrats

    The Democrats Club is a collection of members of the Prep community who look to gain a better understanding of American and world government through fun discussion, research, and participation in projects and service in the community. Inspired by the ideals of the Prep’s Jesuit heritage in conjunction with the perspectives of the Democratic Party, the Prep Dems seek inclusivity, diversity, equality, and authenticity, in addition to the Grad at Grad principles of being open to growth, intellectually competent, religious, loving, and committed to doing justice.
  • Prep Republicans

    The goal of the Prep Republicans is to assist students in becoming active, political members of society, now and in the future, by providing them opportunities to educate themselves about the issues that affect our country and develop a better understanding of the stance of the Republican Party on these issues.
    Moderators: Ms. Lisann Castagno, Ms. Kathy Quinter, Ms. Kathleen Sullivan
  • PrepMed

    PrepMed, St. Joseph’s Prep medical society, meets each week for medical presentation both by students and invited guests. In addition, PrepMed runs yearly first aid instructional seminars. The club also provides guidance and resources for students interested in pursuing medical professions.
    Moderator: Mr. Joe Hendrzak
  • Respect Life Club

    The Respect Life Club exists in order to raise the awareness among the student body to the importance of supporting life in each other, respecting life in the environment, and uphold the dignity of all human life. The Respect Life Club strives to protect the dignity of all.
    Moderators: Ms. Lisann Castagno and Mr. Dan Kilpatrick ’94
  • Robotics Club

    The Robotics Club is an exciting opportunity for students to enhance their STEM skills, which is partnered with VEX Robotics Competitions. Students are tasked with designing and building a robot to play against other teams from around the world in a game-based engineering challenge. Classroom STEM concepts are put to the test on the playing field as students learn lifelong skills in teamwork, leadership, communications, and more. Tournaments are held year-round at the regional, state, and national levels.
    Moderator: Ms. Teresa Hoffman
  • SJP Sixers/Trust the Process Club

    SJP Sixers/Trust the Process Club meets during Community Period to discuss all things related to the Philadelphia 76ers and the NBA.

    Moderator: Mr. Howie Brown ’99
  • Ski and Snowboard Club

    The Ski and Snowboard Club plans a series of trips throughout the year for skiers/snowboarders of all skill levels, including students completely new to the sport. While most of our trips are centered around the Pocono area, trips to New England states, Western states and other countries are always possible based on interest. Certain trips can include an option for instructional lessons for beginners, while other trips are designed more for practiced skiers and snowboarders to experience new terrain.
    Moderator: Mr. Brian McCloskey ’91
  • Stock Market Club

    Whether you want to major in business or find the next Google or Microsoft, Stock Market Club is the place for you. We strive to foster a passion for making money in the stock market by trading responsibly, intelligently, and efficiently. You will learn what the stock market is and how it works, how to analyze and trade stocks, and how to make strong investment decisions that lead to a brighter financial future. Knowledge gained in the club is put to the test in rigorous competitions in which students trade virtual money for virtual profit, but for real rewards.
    Moderator: Ms. Kathy Quinter
  • Strategy Gaming Club & Video Game Design Club

    Strategy and Gaming provides an environment for our students to engage in strategic gaming and attempts to build on decision making and teamwork to achieve desired outcomes. It also provides a space for like-minded students to enjoy time together while gaining skills in strategy and resource allocation. In pursuit of the Grad at Grad, the club also seeks to engage students in service and growth through charitable events, such as their annual Gaming Marathon that raises money for The Children's Medical Network.
    Moderator: Mr. Chris DeSimone
  • Student Council

    Student Council involves extraordinary leadership, dedication, and commitment to campus life. The council's main priorities involve planning and funding major school events, providing hospitality for school functions, donating financial and physical resources to various school-wide projects, and providing leadership examples for the entire school community.
    Moderators: Mr. Howie Brown ’99 and Mr. Bryan Ghee.
  • Travis Manion Foundation Leadership Program

    The Prep proudly partners with the Travis Manion Foundation (TMF), a non-profit organization that unites veterans and Gold Star Families with schools to build America's character and the next generation of leaders. The TMF Hawks is a student group focused on leadership development. Students commit to becoming wiser and stronger "Men for and with Others" in honor of our nation's fallen heroes and by working with our military veterans to develop their identities as virtues-based leaders.
    Moderator: Ms. Susie Cook

    Click here for the TMF Hawks webpage.
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