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Prep students embody faith, academia, and tradition; and we hand it down to a new generation of young men every year."

St. Joseph's Prep At A Glance

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St. Joseph's Preparatory School...
St. Joe's Prep...
"The Prep"

Go anywhere in the Delaware Valley and say those words and people will know. They will know the excellence produced here since 1851. They will know that a graduate of St. Joseph's Prep is more than just a scholar. Preppers are leaders in business, in education, in law, in politics. They are "men for and with others" who serve their families, their churches, their communities.

We're proud of our Jesuit heritage, as well as our downtown location and its front-and-center access to all the culturally-rich "classrooms" a thriving city like Philadelphia has to offer--museums, famed sports facilities, the Schuylkill River, and more arts and entertainment than you can shake an orchestra baton at.
The "Grad at Grad"
One of the salient distinctions of a Jesuit high school is the "Grad at Grad" (graduate at graduation) statement that pinpoints goals and characteristics that each student of a Jesuit education should attain by graduation. The five characteristics shared by all Jesuit high schools are:
Open to Growth
Intellectually Competent
Committed to Doing Justice

The Prep Difference

St. Joseph's Prep is one of approximately 50 Jesuit secondary schools in the United States and each one challenges its students to go beyond academic excellence, to be reflective, to be committed to the service of faith and the promotion of justice: to be "men for and with others."

Throughout their years at the Prep, our students grow and evolve in so many areas beyond their academic pursuits. The Profile of the Graduate at Graduation, a document written by the Jesuit Secondary Education Association, offers each student an opportunity to become aware of who they are becoming while in high school, and why.

Philly is Our Campus

St. Joseph’s Prep is centrally located in North Philadelphia with access to many of the area’s highways as well as public transportation. Our location allows us to attract the best and brightest students from across the Delaware Valley to form a geographically diverse school community unique for any area high school. This allows St. Joseph’s Prep to truly be the area’s Academic All-Star Team!

Not only that, but the Prep's location in the heart of Philadelphia gives our faculty and students access to all that Philly has to offer: historical sites, museums, libraries/archives, theatres, sporting arenas, the Schuylkill River, Fairmount Park and so much more. It is what makes the Prep so different from its peers: the city really is our campus!
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