Student Life


Students make their way smoothly to and from the Prep's city location in a variety of ways. Some commute by car, getting dropped off by parents or via carpool with upperclassmen from their neighborhoods. Others take SEPTA buses (in the city) or regional rail trains (from the suburbs) to Suburban Station, where we have a shuttle waiting to take students to the Prep every morning (and back at the end of the day).

Others take school buses in from their hometowns. The Prep provides 13 buses that transport students every day. Buses come from Philadelphia and its four neighboring Pennsylvania counties (Bucks, Chester, Montgomery and Delaware) as well as Burlington, Gloucester and Camden counties of New Jersey. Almost half of the students who attend the Prep ride one of these buses. The fee for bus service will range from approximately $1,500 - $2,500 for yearly round-trip transportation.
Transportation Options:

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  • District Busing

    The following school districts bus students directly to the Prep: Haverford, Lower Merion, Marple-Newtown, Radnor, and Springfield (Montco). Students who reside in these districts are encouraged to contact their districts for more information.

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  • Prep Busing Service

    Buses 1 through 13 arrive at the Prep between 7:30 and 8am, and depart at 5:20pm, so as to allow students involved in extracurricular activities a ride home.

    N.B. The following school districts provide transportation reimbursement for their students: Abington, Colonial, Cheltenham, Springfield (Delco), Upper Darby, William Penn, Interboro and Ridley Districts.

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    We run buses through Pennsylvania and New Jersey and the routes change based on the needs of the current school year. For more info, see the current bus routes link.
  • Public Transportation

    Students residing in Philadelphia farther than 1.5 miles for the Prep are eligible to receive a weekday student pass for use in the city for any bus, trolley or subway service. Service does not cover SEPTA Regional Rail; however, you may upgrade your Weekday Student Pass for a Student Regional Rail Pass for approximately $5 per week at any train station.

    Students residing outside of Philadelphia are eligible to purchase discounted weekly Student Regional Rail passes directly from the Prep. These passes are valid on all SEPTA transportation including bus, trolly and subway. Transportation is available from Suburban Station.

    Click here for more information about the Prep and SEPTA.
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    Click here for the general Septa site.
  • Shuttle Service

    Students arriving at Suburban Station will be transported from 16th and JFK Blvd via Prep owned shuttle vans (3) and buses (2). Shuttles and buses will run continuously from 7:15am to 8:15am. PM shuttles will transport students to 16th & JFK beginning at 2:45pm and running through 6 pm.

    Click here for more information about Shuttle Service.
  • Car

    Many Prep students drive to school. The Prep provides secure, guarded parking lots for all junior and senior cars.

Daily Rates and Passes

Your son will be enrolled on a roster for a particular bus. His school ID will serve as his pass to ride the bus with confirmation from the roster. There is a daily rate to ride the PREP bus ($10) and shuttle ($5) either one way or both ways. If you need your son to ride in the event of an emergency, he may pay a daily rate in the Finance office on that day and obtain a pass.

Contact Information

Bryan Ghee
Director of Transportation