Sports Medicine

The St. Joseph’s Prep Sports Medicine program provides the highest standard of healthcare for all students in the school community, and visiting athletic teams.
The athletic trainers primarily focus on the prevention, recognition, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and appropriate referral of injuries.

Injuries of an athletic nature, occurring during a school-sponsored activity (on or off campus), must be reported to the athletic training staff as soon as possible. Decisions regarding follow-up care, ongoing athletic training, and/or orthopedic consultation are at the discretion of the athletic training staff, in consultation with our team physician when indicated or necessary. In addition, the athletic training staff will make the determination regarding a student’s return to play and participation in daily athletics. Any student who is seen or evaluated by a doctor for an injury MUST provide medical documentation from the treating physician stating that he is medically cleared prior to returning to sports.

Contact Information

Jon Cartwright
Athletic Trainer
For full details on how to submit your paperwork, please log into your myPREP portal and refer to the Athletic Requirements resource board.