Summer Assignments 2024


Dear Prep Parents and Guardians:
As a school rooted deeply in Jesuit tradition, the Prep holds reading as a requisite imperative. Our founder, Ignatius of Loyola, emphasized emphatically the vital importance of studying literature, as it is through literature that we learn to better understand our own humanity. To be fully human, Ignatius taught, involves cura personalis–care for the whole person. By exploring wide ranges of stories and ideas via the written word, Prep students enhance their critical thinking, develop compassion for others, cultivate appreciation for other cultures, and become more well-rounded individuals.  
The summer break can be a time of rest and relaxation away from the daily rigors of the school schedule. It is also a wonderful time to read. Our hope is that the Ignatian goal of being inspired by reading can extend to entire families. 
Unless otherwise indicated by course requirements, assigned reading this summer will be a matter of preference and family participation. We ask that you choose a book–any book–and read it together as a family. Consider reading excerpts from your chosen work aloud together. This will aid reading comprehension, mental acuity, listening and processing skills, and fluency of delivery. We suggest that you make a commitment to discuss the book earnestly–its themes and nuances and messages–with each other, perhaps at a scheduled time each week. 
We believe that parents’ thoughtful involvement and full participation will best help us achieve our goal of keeping Prep students engaged with the written word during the summer months. Choice leads to greater investment and a sense of ownership, and parental engagement–ideally–will increase accountability. This combination of personal choice, family participation, and creative autonomy will heighten reading success.
Any book of age-appropriate standard and caliber is a worthy choice. However, if you need suggestions, the Prep faculty and administration have compiled a list of suggestions that you can find linked below.
You will also be given access to a Google document later this summer which will invite you to share your encounters with this exciting new initiative.  
Thank you for your openness and investment as we partner to develop your sons in the Jesuit tradition. We wish all Prep families memorable educational experiences together this summer.
- SJP English Department
There are required summer texts for the following three courses:

Honors English I -- Season of Life, by Jeffrey Marx
AP English III -- The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka
AP English IV -- Klara and the Sun, by Kazuo Ishiguro

These texts need to be read and annotated thoroughly, as per the instructor's expectations. Refer to Annotation Guide below.


The History Department supports the idea of summer reading. Reading–whether for pleasure or for information–reinforces our Ignatian mission by promoting the ideals of a lifelong learner who is “open to growth” and “academically ambitious.” Summer reading also cultivates a community of learners by having a large and diverse group with disparate experiences and ideas share the same text. The History Department encourages students (and parents) to complement their reading with trips to local museums, battle sites, and places of historic value, as well as explorations of integrated websites and film portrayals.

Please click below for a list of assignments.

Religious Studies

Students will not have required reading for Religious Studies. Please choose a selection from the English Summer Recommendation list above.

We hope you enjoy your summer and your summer reading!

The Religious Studies Department

Math Assignments

Review Packets for the following Math courses are posted below. Students, if you are unsure of the Math course in which you are enrolled, please call the Main Office. 
The following classes do NOT have Review Packets:
  • MAT 408 - AP Statistics
  • MAT 417 - Trigonometry Statistics and Financial Essentials
  • MAT 414 - Algebraic & Financial Applications
  • MAT 416 - Introduction to Statistics
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