Transfer Candidates

St. Joseph's Prep welcomes qualified transfer candidates who have at least a "B" average (or comparative numerical scores) and receive an outstanding recommendation from a recent Math, English, or equivalent teacher. Where necessary, subject tests will be administered prior to an admission decision for students considering a transfer into the Prep to ensure potential class-level placement.

Please note: the Prep transfer process considers students entering into the fall semester of 10th or 11th grade.

Before you apply, please take special note of these key things:

You will be asked to "Create An Account" in the Prep Application Portal in order to apply. This is necessary for three reasons:
  1. So we have your contact information on hand to notify you of your acceptance decision.
  2. So you have the ability to log in and return to completing the application form in the event you do not complete it in one sitting.
  3. So you can return to and access the Application Portal throughout the application process to upload other requirements such as transcripts, teacher recommendations, etc. You will be reminded of these things throughout the process, and can access everything needed through the portal.
You will be asked to pay a $60 non-refundable application fee.

PLEASE be sure to write down the USERNAME and PASSWORD you choose as you set up your portal account. You will want this for future reference and portal usage.

Please note: for a more streamlined experience, we recommend using your email address as your username.

Transfer Application Timeline

  • February 2020 - Transfer application for Admission and for Financial Aid opens.
  • March/April 2020 - Transfer applicants are strongly encouraged to schedule a HAWKLIFE Shadow visit. An interview is a required part of the transfer process and will be conducted at the end of your HAWKLIFE Shadow visit.
  • May/June/July 2020 - Decision letters sent to transfer applicants.
  • July/Aug 2020 - Accepted transfer applicants receive notification regarding Financial Aid (if applicable).
NOTE: Transfer students are only eligible for need-based Financial Aid. There are no merit-based academic scholarships reserved for transfer students.

Barbara O'Connell (mother of Jacob O'Connell '19)

I can't believe how fast the junior year is flying by for Jacob and how much he is enjoying it. Transferring to the Prep was the best decision we ever made."

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