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Full On Campus Learning Plan - April 2021

It has been just over a year since our world changed dramatically as the COVID-19 pandemic hit our region. So much that has happened since then, including our adoption of distance learning and, more recently, a hybrid schedule that has not allowed our students to be on campus together in over a year.
While these changes were necessary to keep our community safe, in a perfect world, it was not how we wanted to proceed. As we went along, we have added small pieces to our school operations in ways that made sense to keep our students engaged, all with a vision to eventually bring all students back on campus five days per week.  
We commend our students and colleagues for their flexibility, creativity, and effort in continuous learning and growth. The pivot to new ways of learning for our school was abrupt but a high level of instruction continued. We are also proud to say that we cared for one another and we are aware of no instances of on-campus transmission of COVID-19. That is an incredible statement and one borne from our partnerships with one another, school and home, to ensure that our students and colleagues could remain healthy.
With weather improving, the continued vaccination of our colleagues, and the easing of restrictions in Philadelphia and across the region, we can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. We have planned for, and are eager to bring all of our students back to campus safely.
This stated, we are pleased to report that all students interested in on-campus instruction will be able to return to the Prep five days per week, starting on Monday, April 12. Students will also continue to be given the option to attend class in an all-virtual format if his parents elect for him to do so.

Plan Details

List of 8 items.

  • Screening and Contact Tracing

    We will continue to screen students and colleagues for COVID-19 symptoms using the same methods as we employ presently, and will continue contact tracing using the same methods as well. This includes temperature and symptom checks, along with contacting students and colleagues who may have been exposed. We ask families for continued vigilance in keeping their sons home if any COVID-19 symptoms are present or exposures have occurred.
  • Safety/PPE

    To accommodate larger class sizes that may result in a significantly larger on-campus student body, our six-foot desk spacing in classrooms will be reduced to a minimum of three feet. This reduction is supported by recent studies of virus transmission among school-aged children. Six feet or more of spacing will be maintained between students where feasible, and will be maintained between students and teachers at all times. With the reduction of spacing, students and teachers will continue to wear face coverings, and may elect to wear  face shields either provided by the Prep or brought from home, if approved. We will continue to avoid scheduling large gatherings/assemblies where social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Morning and Afternoon Transportation

    We have developed a schematic for transporting students via Prep and District Buses. Students will be required to follow safety protocols on the buses, including continued use of masks and shields if applicable. Students driving to school, riding public transportation, carpooling and/or ride sharing should take the same precautions used to date. Prep busing in the afternoon will return to a departure time of 5:20 p.m., while district buses will continue to depart at 2:45 p.m. Shuttles will continue to operate on the current schedule, from 2:45-6 p.m.
  • Class Schedule

    We have formulated an adjusted daily schedule similar to the Crimson/Gray Hybrid currently in use. The time order includes four seventy-minute periods per day, two forty-minute lunch periods, and a community/meeting/advisory period. The schedule also provides time for colleague meetings on Wednesday mornings and a later start time for the first class period of the day. Accordingly, there are only A days (periods 1A-1D), B days (periods 1E-1H), or Z days (Wednesdays with either 1A - 1D or 1E - 1H). You may access this revised schedule by clicking here. Some teachers will continue to teach remotely; on-campus students in those classes will employ Chromebooks and report to either a supervised classroom or common area as they do presently.
  • Food Service and Free Periods

    SAGE Dining will add staff to accommodate the anticipated larger numbers of students. Forty-minute lunches are 20 minutes longer than our normal schedule, and we will be able to provide food service rapidly yet safely. Students will still maintain social distancing while eating but the desks now in common areas will be replaced by tables; students will be encouraged to eat outside, when possible, weather permitting. The Plaza Lot will be closed to automobile traffic to accommodate this increased outdoor eating. Students will use common areas for free periods as they do presently.
  • Cleaning Protocols

    Enhanced cleaning protocols will continue. In particular, the enhanced cleaning that typically occurs during the school day on Wednesday will occur each day after 3 p.m.
  • Athletics

    Will continue with current safety protocols.
  • Opt-in For All On-Campus or All Remote Learning

    There will no longer be Crimson or Gray cohorts determining which students attend on campus, only rotating A or B days (with Z day time order possible on Wednesdays). Each family must choose on campus learning five days per week, or remote learning five days per week. Parents/Guardians must choose their son’s option by completing this brief form. The form must be submitted for each student by Thursday, April 8. 
Again, we ask that all families continue to be vigilant in helping to prevent instances of COVID-19 on campus. If a student is showing symptoms associated with COVID-19, we ask that his parents opt for remote instruction while he remains in quarantine.
We thank you for your patience and partnership during this school year. While we continue to pray for all who have suffered during this pandemic, we also look forward to having our campus bustling once again!