New Leadership Program Offered by TMF Hawks this Fall on Wednesday Evenings

The TMF Hawks Senior Leaders are excited to announce a new offering in the Travis Manion Foundation programming at St. Joe's Prep. This new program--the TMF Peer Leadership Seminar--is geared towards multi-season athletes and students with existing major co-curricular commitments who cannot take part in the TMF Leadership Academy which is in its 7th year and takes place on Monday afternoons in the fall and spring.

The TMF Hawks saw this conflict in schedules as an opportunity to grow their programming. Senior TMF Hawks Pat O'Connell, Kirby Rich, Chris Rebar, Leo Brickner, Sal Rizzieri, Ethan Brackman and David Fritz, as well as juniors Luke Denn and Jack Morrow, are excited to offer the TMF Peer Leadership Seminar on Wednesday evenings on Zoom from 7-8pm to accommodate those who practice after school.

This new student-led program is supported by American military veterans of the Travis Manion Foundation and is aimed at facilitating the cultivation of core leadership skills in select sophomores, juniors and seniors. TMF Peer Leaders will facilitate conversations with these guest speakers in seminar-style fashion. Sessions begin next Wednesday 10/28 at 7pm on Zoom. This select group will meet each Wednesday evening from 7-8pm through November. 

For an application, email Ms. Cook no later than this Friday at 3pm at Only those who have a Monday afternoon commitment and thus could not participate in the TMF Leadership Academy on Monday afternoons this fall are eligible. Applications are due to Ms. Cook by Sunday evening at 7pm.

Our new Peer Leadership Seminar, like our TMF Leadership Academy, is inspired by the “If Not Me, Then Who” ethos of Travis Manion and the Travis Manion Foundation. This mantra finds expression at 17th and Girard in the Prep’s mission to build “Men for and with Others.” Indeed, the TMF-Prep partnership works as we share in one mission to build the next generation of virtues-based leaders. Rooted in this shared mission, our Peer Leadership Seminar will be a separate program from the Leadership Academy, but will draw upon the structure and principles used in the Leadership Academy for each session, with both programs inspired by Travis Manion’s “If Not Me, Then Who” mantra and the magis at work.

Peer Leaders must be students in 11th or 12th grade who have completed the Leadership Academy. Peer Leaders of the TMF Seminar seek to become leaders themselves in the spirit of their TMF mentors. Peer Leaders have also been committed members of the Travis Manion Hawks for one or more years. These Peer Leaders will be responsible for the programming of each session; as the Travis Manion Foundation will select speakers for our sessions, Peer Leaders will support these speakers by sharing the seminar topic and questions in advance, and through their leadership in each session’s conversation.

Our guest speakers are veterans of the Armed Forces and first responders who live and work in the Delaware Valley and beyond. These men and women are vetted and trained by the Foundation for such speaking engagements to youth in order to build character. In this virtual seminar dynamic, two Peer Leaders will pair with a TMF Mentor in an hour-long session. There will be one introductory session led by Peer Leaders, then four one-hour sessions involving a TMF Mentor with two Peer Leaders facilitating the conversation. Thus students in the Seminar will experience four different TMF Mentors, and 8 different Peer Leaders facilitating. The two Peer Leaders appointed to lead a session will engage the TMF Mentor in dialogue about leadership values espoused by the Foundation and the Prep--values like courage, integrity, ethical decision making, empathy, compassion and resilience. 

This dialogue between the Peer Leaders and TMF Mentor will invite those in the seminar to invest more fully and reflectively in their personal leadership formation. Peer Leaders will also work closely with TMF Hawk moderator Ms. Cook to ensure a high standard of quality in the programming.

Aligning with the values outlined in the Travis Manion Foundation Character Does Matter programming--integrity, courage, and ethical decision making, to name a few--the Travis Manion Hawks Peer Leadership Seminar will present students with TMF role models; peer role models; materials and information necessary to understand what makes good leadership; and why leadership is such a critical skill; as well as how to practice good leadership in daily applications in the spirit of “If Not Me, Then Who.” 

This goal will be achieved over the course in the following ways:
  • One introductory session led by TMF Hawk Peer Leaders, with Ms. Cook;
  • Four virtual sessions, wherein students will engage in seminar-like conversations with Travis Manion Foundation veteran mentors while implicitly learning fundamental and core leadership values as modeled by their peer leaders; 
  • Attendance at one Veterans Appreciation Week event;
  • Three hours of service work;
  • Reflection woven throughout in a leadership journal, in which students will make meaning of their seminar experiences and service experiences in light of the “If Not Me, Then Who” mantra;
  • A final synthesis of these learnings in a video capstone, which includes student reflection on how to incorporate those strategies into their routine and character.
  • Participants will be expected to attend TMF Hawk-organized community period offerings to sustain their leadership formation, and will be expected to become full members of the Travis Manion Hawks following their final reflection presentation and completion of the program.
Sessions: Wednesday Evenings, 7-8 pm on Zoom*
*Ms. Cook will provide the Zoom link for each session and attend each session.
  • Wednesday 10/28-Session #1: TMF Hawks-Introduction of the Seminar
  • Wednesday 11/4-Session #2: TMF Mentor #1
  • Wednesday 11/11-Session #3: Veterans Day: TMF Speaker #2
  • Wednesday 11/18-Session #4: TMF Speaker #3
  • Wednesday 12/2-Session #5: TMF Speaker #4
  • Attendance at one or more VAW talks, 11am-11:40 am daily the Week of November 9th
  • 3 Service Hours
  • Capstone video on leadership turned into Peer Leaders
    • 4-5 min audio presentation with visuals
  • Personal Google Doc to record Reflections on the Seminars+
  • Shared Google Doc for collective reflections
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