Bias Incident Reporting Form

Its purpose is to capture experiences around bias within our Prep community, investigate, and bring resolution to reported cases. We will use this information to repair harm, foster continuous learning around DEI topics, create impactful training sessions, make data driven decisions, and educate our members with the overall goal of creating positive change.

Bias Incident Reporting Form
St. Joseph’s Preparatory School is an inclusive community in which we learn from the research, ideas, and experiences of other people in our community.  We value open expression and the learning that comes from civil and rigorous debate.  We also value and respect the dignity and worth of all members of our community.  At times individuals or groups may believe they have experienced discrimination or bias or were negatively impacted by the actions of another member of the Prep community. Individuals may report their concerns about having been treated in a biased or discriminatory manner by completing a Bias Incident Reporting form. This communication of concerns will form a basis of context and experience for the leadership of the Prep, and support open dialogue and a realistic sense of the climate of our school related to DEI initiatives.
To make a report, please go to the Bias Incident Reporting Form.

Why do we have a system for reporting Bias Incidents?
St. Joseph's Prep is committed to nurturing an inclusive environment that fosters mutual respect for all members of our community. “The mission of Saint Joseph’s Prep as a Catholic, Jesuit, urban, college preparatory school is to develop the minds, hearts, souls, and characters of young men in their pursuit of becoming men for and with others.” St. Joseph’s Prep seeks to produce graduates who are intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving and committed to doing justice. We seek to capture accurate experiences within our community; we use this information to foster continuous learning and education for our members with the overall goal of creating positive change.

How do I report?
Bias incidents may be reported using the BIAS INCIDENT REPORT FORM or by contacting any member of administration.

What should I report? 
We encourage you to report any incidents that negatively impact our campus climate, especially those that are bias-related. We define bias as an intentional or unintentional display of hostility or bigotry in word or deed that a reasonable person would conclude is directed at a member of the Protected Category community based on race, national origin, religion, citizenship, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or past or present service in the military.
Bias incidents can take on a variety of forms, including but not limited to exclusion, discrimination, spoken or written hate speech or harassment, offensive visual representations, threats, vandalism, physical confrontation, and similar conduct or communications on or through social media.
The bias report form is not a substitute for a call to first responders.  If you witness or experience any actual or threatened emergencies – such as violence, injured persons, a fire, or suspected crime, you should call 911 immediately.

Who can report?
We encourage all members of our community to report any incident of bias whether you are a complainant, bystander/witness, or a concerned member of the Protected Category community.

What happens after I report?
After a report is filed, it is reviewed by the Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and the Principal. From there, it will be assigned to the appropriate officials in the Principal's office for investigation. Behaviors that may violate the Code of Conduct will be addressed through the procedures outlined in respective Handbooks.
If you provide contact information on the Bias Incident Report Form, the official assigned to investigate the incident will initiate contact with you within 48 hours of receipt of the report.

Who can I go to for support?
In addition to the staff and faculty who will review and address the reported incident, a member of the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Council may be assigned to follow up with the complainant and others in the community impacted by the reported incident. The role of the DEI Council is
  • to provide first response,
  • to support students, faculty, or staff who are targets or witnesses,
  • to refer students, faculty, and staff to available resources
  • to promote dialogue and education within the campus community.

A word about free expression and academic freedom

St. Joseph’s Prep is committed to freedom of expression and thought as essential elements of an academic community. The Prep is committed to encouraging a stimulating and honest exchange of opinions.  Freedom of expression and thought are as essential for a thriving academic community as are the guiding principles of our mission statement that emphasize civil social conduct. As a community of imperfect human beings who learn, live and work together, the Prep must honor both goals.
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