Young Alumni Leadership Council

The Young Alumni Leadership Council is a leadership group designated for alumni who graduated fewer than 15 years ago.

The council creates opportunities for St. Joseph's Prep President Mr. John Marinacci and the President's Leadership Team to share their vision for the future of the school and, in turn, ask the members of the Council to serve as ambassadors throughout the Prep community, the Philadelphia region, and beyond. Members will act in an advisory capacity to the President's Leadership Team and offer counsel on various topics that positively impact the experience of Prep students.

For more information on how you can get involved, please contact Charlie Van Kula '14, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving, at or 215-978-1013.

Young Alumni Leadership Council Members

  • Bob Della Polla ’09, Chair
  • Colin Fleming ’09, Secretary
  • Colin McShane ’08, Secretary
  • RJ Schilgen ’11, Mentoring Program Coordinator
  • Rob Tobia ’09, Mentoring Program Coordinator
Class of 2008
  • Joe J. Bailey
  • Stephen O. Connors
  • Kevin J. Courtney
  • Mike J. Geraghty
  • Conor J. McCabe
  • Kyle J. McElwee
  • Colin McShane, Secretary
  • Michael N. Protesto
  • Daniel P. Rowley
  • Kevin C. Ryan
Class of 2009
  • Ray F. Andruszko
  • Brad C. Arthur
  • Matthew Q. Basile
  • Joe A. Biancaniello
  • Joe B. Boyle
  • Bob J. Della Polla, Chair
  • Sam R. DeLuca
  • Marcus Dent
  • Ross J. Euteneuer
  • Colin Fleming, Secretary 
  • Mark R. Gannon
  • Jeffrey L. Garvey
  • Nicholas P. Hansinger
  • Michael J. Leithead
  • Daniel P. McGeever
  • Robert M. Tobia, Mentoring Program Coordinator
 Class of 2010
  • Jeremy E. Bailey
  • Sean J. Branton
  • Patrick J. Carbone
  • Matthew T. Chung
  • Brendan Courtney
  • Joe Forcina
  • John B. Hrabrick
  • Louis Margules
  • Matthew C. O'Donoghue
  • Jeffrey D. Ragone
  • Vincent J. Tague
  • Stylianos Tsinaroglou
Class of 2011
  • Stephen M. Boyle          
  • Gregory M. Chatzinoff  
  • Ed J. Foy Jr.
  • Louis J. Lombardi           
  • RJ  Schilgen, Jr., Mentoring Program Coordinator
  • Gabriel A. Schrier           
Class of 2012
  • Timothy E. Browne        
  • J. Brian Carden, Jr.
  • Michael A. Giangiordano            
  • Shane P. McKenzie        
  • William T. Savage           
  • Patrick D. Swanick          
Class of 2013
  • Anthony V. DellaPia
  • Michael G. Garuccio
  • David W. Gibbons
  • Brendan T. Kolon
  • Anthony J. Marini
Class of 2014
  • Stephen T. Centrella
  • Brendan F. Duffy
  • Matthew K. Harrison
  • John L. Hilferty
  • Robert J. Loftus
  • Paul S. Macri
  • Brendan J. McCabe
  • Ryan A. Neff
  • Charles C. Van Kula
  • Jamison M. Wellman
  • Daniel R. Winkowski
  • Michael A. Zwaan
Class of 2015
  • William O. Flick III      
Class of 2016
  • Andrew J. Oliver
Class of 2017
  • Michael J. O'Neill III

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