Impact of a Prep Education

The benefits of a St. Joseph's Prep education are as diverse and widespread as our Alumni--men who are proud to call 17th & Girard their home.
Because of the educational opportunities in their most formative years, our alumni return year after year and always keep the Prep close to their heart. As influencers in their fields, the results of a Prep education clearly makes our city and our world a better place.

In his address to the Class of 2023, President John Marinacci encouraged the seniors with humor, love and sage advice. "So, go far and wide; stay connected with each other; keep your minds and hearts open; remember who you are and whose you are, and know you always have a home at the Prep."

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Jake Braithwaite, S.J. ’07

Many Prep alumni remember their Ignatian service as life-changing, especially those who participate in Service Immersion Trips. These are part of the St. Joseph’s Prep experience that shapes the lives of our students. Jake Braithwaite, S.J.’07, is now in formation to become a Jesuit. He remembers an encounter with a terminally ill man during a service trip to Ivanhoe, Virginia in 2006.

Dr. Nevin McGinley ’95

Nevin McGinley ’95 transferred to the Prep as a junior, eager to be challenged in the classroom. That preparation led him to a college scholarship and a place in Medical School. Now he is an Emergency Room doctor in Reading, mixing his knowledge with a desire to serve others. 

Michael Nutter ‘75 

Our location in North Philadelphia is integral to a St. Joseph’s Prep education. Not only does it allow us to attract the best students from across the Delaware Valley, it also offers learning opportunities for commuting to a big city. For Michael Nutter ‘75, the lessons learned here led to a life of public service.

Michael Fanning ‘94

The Prep is proud to be a part of the city, to have alumni devoted to helping Philadelphians in all facets. Firefighter Michael Fanning ’94 is someone who has devoted his life to being there to help his fellow residents in their most desperate times, as a first responder. Sometimes he is asked, “You went to the Prep, why are you a firefighter?” He says the answer is simple: “I am a firefighter because I went to the Prep. I was taught to be a Man for Others.”

Antoine Robinson ’24

There are certain students who are quintessential Prep students: active, popular, well-known to all. Antoine Robinson is certainly all of that. He is involved in theatre, BLCC, Student Government, Hawkeye, Respect Life Club, and more. In the classroom, he challenges himself to be his best. Outside of class, he explores his passions and has made a wonderful group of friends. When he graduates next June, he will be a fine example of the kind of young men who become Prep Alumni.

Phil Martelli '72

Phil Martelli '72 is one of the Prep’s proudest and loudest ambassadors. In fact, he was recently among the first inductees into the school’s Hall of Excellence and he has often called the Prep “the greatest high school in America.” He would never have been able to attend without the help of financial aid and scholarship, supported by the McEwen Family, alumni of the Prep who support promising young students.
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