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Alumni Making A Difference

SJP...Men for Others, Inc., a not for profit 501[c] 3, was founded in 2010 after Rev. Rob Currie, SJ '58 described at a class dinner his nearly 50 years of service as a Jesuit priest. Fr. Currie has been a social activist in India, Appalachia, Chicago and Arenal, Nicaragua where he tended to the spiritual, physical, and social needs of his flock. He has been fully committed to being a “man for and with others”, a target that he has truly surpassed.
Inspired by this chronology and Rob`s epic efforts, his classmate Joe Sosnowski was motivated to write a book Currie's Canticle and he along with Tom Prior '58, Joe Corr '58, and Tom Lyons '60 together formed SJP…Men for Others, Inc., whose mission is to embody the life of Rob Currie and St. Ignatius in supporting the Prep and Rob`s work in Nicaragua.

The Awards

The SJP...Men for Others, Inc. Board of Directors presents 2 awards each year to St. Joe's Prep Junior. Both awards (a medallion, a copy of the book, Currie`s Canticle, and a $500 stipend) are presented at the school's award ceremony each spring. The awards are as follows:
1. The Rob Currie, S.J. '58 Men for Others Award. To learn more about the Currie Award click HERE. Previous Currie Award Winners:
  • Brendan F. Duffy '14
  • Evan A. Mazmanion '15
  • Thomas A. Koenig '16
  • Liam R. Scott '17
  • Stephen J. Dierkes '18
  • John Fioravanti '19
  • Chris Gutt '20
2. The Joseph M. Corr '58 Student-Athlete Award. To learn more about the Corr Award click HERE.
Previous Corr Award Winners:
  • Jake Feehery '18
  • Connor Warwick '19
The Book

Currie's Canticle: The Chronicles of a Difference Maker, written and researched by Joe Sosnowski '58.

In the hope of inspiring all those who read this book to become better human beings, the St. Joseph's Prep Class of 1958 undertook the task of documenting the life of their beloved classmate, Robert Currie, S.J. Within the pages of this book, the reader will find an individual who is living the Gospel of Jesus Christ and who has given his life towards improving the lives of others. Rob has demonstrated, on an international basis, his willingness to sacrifice his own safety and well-being to ensure that the marginalized people he is working with are treated humanely. His work in Chicago, India, Appalachia and Nicaragua, among the poorest and least respected of those areas, are witness to his lifelong commitment to helping make their lives better. The Prep Class of 1958 knows that after reading about this most remarkable individual, you will come to love this man and Jesuit, as they do; even if you might disagree with some of his political ideas.

To purchase a copy of Currie’s Canticle, please contact Bill Conners ’80 at or 267-515-5941.

Interested In Joining Our Board?
Email Joe Sosnowski '58 at

Please note the following Board Member minimum criteria:
  1. Attend the quarterly meetings of the board.
  2. Make a yearly $100 donation (stipend) to SJP...Men for Others, Inc. (Prep faculty members are exempt from this requirement).
  3. Actively participate in all fundraisers.
  4. Actively promote the sale of Currie's Canticle.
  5. Actively promote the annual 50-50 drawing to classmates, family and friends to help fund the causes of SJP...Men for Others, Inc.
  6. Support all the causes of SJP...Men for Others, Inc.
  • The Annual Award ($500 stipend and Man for Others plaque) to a Prep Junior who demonstrates the qualities of being a Man for Others
  • The funds to Rob Currie for his use in promoting his causes within the Arenal, Nicaragua community; current support of university student incidentals
  • Funding of supplies required during the annual visit of a doctor to Arenal, Nicaragua
  • Funding support for other Prep Ministry Projects such as Cura Personalis, Kairos, Service Trips, etc.
  • Funding future Men for Others awards/stipends that would promote the organization's mission statement.
Joe Sosnowski '58 - President
Thomas J. Lyons II '60 - Treasurer
Gerry Bryan '58
James Byrne ‘60
Tony Braithwaite '89
Mike Zabel '96
Howie Brown '99
Joe Cirucci '07
Joe Wolfe '07

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