The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Join us at Putnam County Middle School as 6 quirky adolescents compete in the Bee run by 3 equally quirky adults.
Four actual audience m-e-m-b-e-r-s are invited onstage to compete with the students.

1) All tickets are null and void at the start of the SCHEDULED performance.
2) If a particular performance is sold out:
·  A waiting list will begin 1 hour prior to the sold out performance.
·  You can only be placed on the waiting list in person.  Email requests will not be honored.
·  There is a 2 ticket limit per person on the waiting list.
·  Decisions on the waiting list will not be made earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of the show.
·  Being on the waiting list DOES NOT guarantee you a seat for the show.
William Barfee - Victor Torres ‘23
Leaf Coneybear - Connor O’Brien ‘23
Martin Park - Max Nast ‘23
Chip Tolentino, Olive’s Dad - Paddy May ‘24
Vice Principal Douglas Panch - Liam Holden ‘23
Mitch Mahoney - Jahleel Johnson ‘23
Speller, Carl-Dad, Toilet Puppeteer, Apostle - Drew Kampf-Sullivan ‘23
Speller, Dan-Dad Magic Foot Dancer, Dictionary Puppeteer, Jesus - Sean Angelucci ‘23
Speller, Magic Foot Dancer, Mr. Coneybear, Apostle - Finn McNamara ‘23
Speller, Magic Foot Dancer, Pinecone Coneybear, Example Boy, Apostle - Will Vokolos ‘25
Speller, Magic Foot Dancer, Paul Coneybear, Evil Student, Apostle - Alex Cooper ‘26
Speller, Magic Foot Dancer, Landscape Coneybear, Apostle - Xavier Edwards ‘25
Speller, Magic Foot Dancer, Raisin Coneybear, Apostle - Ryan Sullivan ‘26
Speller, Apostle - Luke Chamberlain ‘26
Speller, Apostle - Ian Gomez ‘23
Rona Peretti - Casey Fosbenner MMA ‘24
Olive Ostrovsky - Alex Segreti MMA ‘25
Logaine Schwartz-Grubenierre - Bethany Jesse HHS ‘23
Speller, Olive’s Mom, Apostle - Ollie Currier MMA ‘23
Speller, Marigold Coneybear, Birth Mother, Apostle - Jules Kampf-Sullivan NDA ‘26
Speller, Mrs. Coneybear, Apostle - Kate Tannenbaum MSJA ‘24
Speller, Brook Coneybear, Apostle - Gabriella Balaratna MSJA ‘26
Speller, Example Girl - Maria Shapson MMA ‘24
Crew & Staff
Stage Crew:
Technical Directors: Antoine Robinson ‘24, Patrick O’Brien ‘23
Assistant Technical Director: Jack McKenna ‘24
Props Manager: Ian Mendoza ‘25
Stage Crew: Zach Reagan ‘23, Marcus Miller ‘23, Will Ruggiero ‘23, Troy Larkins-Johnson '24, Thomas Dierkes ‘25, William Robinson ‘25, Ellis Borrasso ‘26, Owen McHugh ‘26, Tagaire Norris ‘26
Production Staff:
Stage Manager: Quinn McGahey ‘24
Assistant Stage Manager: Stone Stefan ‘26
Lighting Manager: Quinn Holden ‘25
Assistant Lighting Managers: Jake Santoro '25, Mason Sturtz '25
Sound Manager: Brennan Dillenbeck ‘24
Audience Volunteer Coordinator: Dan Law ‘23

Adult Staff:
Director & Producer: Mr. Tony Braithwaite ‘89
Musical Director: Mr. Dan Matarazzo 
Choreographer: Alex DiGiacomo ‘22
Assistant Director & House Staff Moderator: Mr. Tom Lederer ‘13
Costumes and Set Dressing: Mrs. Kim Fogarty, P ‘18
Stage Crew Moderator: Mr. Stephen Dierkes ‘18
Ticket Sales: Mr. Howie Brown ‘99
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