“Love ought to show itself in deeds over and above words.”
-- St. Ignatius of Loyola

The rationale for the Mission & Ministry’s Ignatian Service Program at St. Joseph’s Prep is rooted in this belief. We invite our students to become “men for others” by educating their minds and hearts to horizons beyond their previous experience and into the world beyond the world they know.

We feel it is important that they come in contact with people who on the surface may be unlike themselves, people who are poor, both materially and in spirit and body, people who are marginalized, socially or economically disadvantaged, and disabled either in mind or body.

We hope this encounter will result in what we consider to be the ultimate goals of the program:

    1. The Prep community and the students themselves realize that our gifts and talents can help people, can heal their hurts, can assuage their loneliness, can give companionship and encouragement, can enlighten minds and give dignity to those whom they serve.
    2. Through their service, we hope the students will become aware that they receive much more than they give: that when they become healers, they themselves are healed; when they give companionship, they themselves receive companionship; when they uplift and encourage, they themselves are uplifted and encouraged; and when they enlighten, they are themselves enlightened.
    3. Recognition by all of our students that God is present in all things, all people and all situations.

We also hope that the effects of this experience will stay with the young men no matter what career or profession they may find themselves later in life.

This experience should be one of many that will raise their consciousness to the point where attitudes will be changed and their lives will be lived with these experiences and their reflections on them as a backdrop.
The Ignatian Service Program at St. Joseph’s Prep is mandatory for two reasons. Just as the core curriculum is usually mandatory in any high school, we feel that in light of the school’s mission and ideals this component of the school’s curriculum is as important as any other that we require. Many students who may have a difficult time committing to this program eventually see that the experience can be enjoyable, fulfilling, and a highlight of their high school experience.


For more information about Service initiatives at the Prep, contact:

Fr. Chuck Frederico, SJ
Mission & Ministry Office


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