What to Do: Seniors

Start Your Applications

  • Begin writing essay(s). Your counselor is more than happy to proofread it for you.
  • Request letters of recommendation from two teachers in person and then on Family Connection. Instructions: Click on the "Colleges" tab, Click "Colleges I'm applying to," scroll to bottom, Select “add/cancel requests.”
  • Electronically sign the FERPA agreement in Family Connection. This is necessary to do before we can send your supporting materials (transcript and recommendations) along to colleges. Instructions: Click on the "Colleges" tab, click "Colleges I'm applying to", select "Yes, I do waive my right access...", check the box that begins "By completing this form...", enter "common application username" and "common application password" and "confirm password" and submit.

Plug Into Family Connection and Browse Colleges

  • Complete the Senior Survey posted in Family Connection. Instructions: Click on the "About Me" tab. Click on "Survey History", then click on "Senior Survey".
  • Update Prospective Colleges list in Family Connection. Instructions: Click on the "Colleges" tab, click on "Colleges I'm Thinking About" and click on "Add to List".  Please also note the “Colleges I’m Thinking About” page lists all of your deadlines for college apps!
  • Browse the list of colleges visiting St. Joseph's Prep this year in Family Connection and sign up online to attend. You must sign up for a presentation at least 24 hours in advance in order to attend. Even if you've visited the college itself, you should still attend the college rep's presentation. Often, you'll have the opportunity to introduce yourself to the rep, and many reps keep track of students who attend their presentations. Instructions: Click on the "Colleges" tab, click on "View All Upcoming Visits" and click "Sign Up" next to presentations you'd like to attend. Note: If the presentation is not scheduled during one of your free periods, your teacher has the right to decide whether or not you will attend.
  • Update your resumé in the “About Me” section of Family Connection. This resumé is accessible to your teachers and college counselor who will use it as a guide when discussing your extracurricular involvement.

Visit Us

If you have not done so already, please visit College Counseling and sign up for a meeting with your college counselor.


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