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Fall 2020 Reopening Plan

St. Joseph's Prep is committed to welcoming students and colleagues back to campus this fall in a safe environment. We believe that on-site, face-to-face learning here at the Prep must be prioritized over distance learning whenever it is safe to do so while also prioritizing the well-being, health and safety of students and employees above all else. Therefore, for now, we will utilize a hybrid model. For more information, read the Fall 2020 Reopening Plan below.

Plan Details

List of 7 items.

  • Care for the Community

  • Guiding Principles

    1. The Prep is guided by our central mission: “The mission of St. Joseph’s Prep as a Catholic, Jesuit, urban, college preparatory school is to develop the minds, hearts, souls, and characters of young men in their pursuit of becoming men for and with others.” We believe we can and will deliver on this mission regardless of the learning models we may need to utilize throughout the course of the 2020-2021 school year.

    2. The Prep will prioritize the well-being, health and safety of students and employees above other principles.

    3. The Prep believes that on-site, face-to-face learning must be prioritized over distance learning whenever safe to do so.

    4. The Prep is committed to promoting practices that reduce the risk of virus transmission, and that support our resolve and capacity to be agile adapters when facing changing health circumstances.

    5. The Prep stands committed to expert-validated hygiene and health practices that are opportunely and clearly communicated, thoroughly implemented, and carefully enforced.

    6. The Prep will balance the expectations of our community for clear and timely information with a patient and flexible approach that allows the school to respond to the evolving pandemic, including the developing scientific understanding of COVID-19, continuous medical and technological developments, expert guidance, and the best practices among peer institutions in the Jesuit Schools Network and the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools.
  • Academic Program

    This section will detail our hybrid academic schedule, information about remote learning, as well as guidelines for homework, dress code and the grading scale.
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  • Health & Safety

    This section will detail our commitment to health and safety, policies and procedures for monitoring symptoms and exposure, as well as procedures if symptoms manifest while at the Prep. In addition, more information on dining at the Prep and also the steps to ensure the health and safety of those at higher risk.
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  • Faith Formation

    This section details information from our Office of Mission and Ministry regarding Ignatian Spirituality (Masses, Retreats, etc.) and Ignatian Service (service hours, opportunities to serve, both in person and virtually, etc.).
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  • Crimson & Gray Groups

    As noted in the Academic Program plan, the student body will be divided roughly in half by geographical location to form the Crimson and Gray groups. This section provides details about the groupings as well as a zip code breakdown for each group.
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  • Transportation

    This section details our transportation plans during the hybrid academic schedule, as well as our safety measures for all Prep buses and vans.
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Co-curriculars / Community Period

St. Joseph’s Prep strongly encourages participation in co-curricular clubs and activities for all students in an effort to help our young men find their passions and how they can best serve our world. To make as many opportunities available as possible, a wide variety of groups currently exists. Clubs and activities will continue to meet during the community period, and will follow all health and safety measures. Community Period will operate on a hybrid model, with students logging in from home as well as attending clubs and activities in person.

Athletics Return to Play

With a desire to offer Athletic opportunities for our student-athletes, a committee consisting of coaches and administrators developed a “Return to Play” plan for teams to begin voluntary summer workouts. The document can be viewed on the SJP Athletics webpage HERE. The Prep will follow directions from the Philadelphia Catholic League and the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA), as well as local and state health guidelines, for fall sports seasons.

Planning Team

This plan is the work of the "Go Team", in conjunction with Prep administration. The team -- led by Mr. Andy Cavacos and Mr. Dan Ranalli, and composed of Prep teachers and other academic staff -- worked throughout the summer, following all available guidelines and utilizing input from faculty, parents, and students.

The Go Team members are:
  • Andy Cavacos, Principal
  • Dan Ranalli, Assistant Principal for Academics and Faculty Development
  • Lisann Castagno, Math Teacher
  • Joe Coyle, English Teacher
  • Teresa Hoffman, Computer Science Chair
  • Kelly McGlynn, College Counselor
  • Sonia Nelson, Librarian
  • Geoff Nunes, Science Teacher
  • Jon Pohlig, Classics Teacher
  • Jason Zazyczny, History Teacher