Summer Programs 2022

Service Learning

Service Learning for Prep Students!
This ½ credit course will engage students in particular areas of interest in Philadelphia through an intensive combination of service or field based studies and academic instruction and research. The culmination of the course will be a presentation or policy memo directed toward a specific public policy maker or office in the Philadelphia area. By engaging with the broader Philadelphia community, both intellectually and in service, this course will address the five components of the Grad at Grad, specifically “committed to doing justice.” By taking this course, students will become aware, globally minded citizens who can engage in issues of social justice in an informed and compassionate manner. This course will also challenge students to develop various academic skills, such as data gathering and analysis, preparing them for college level work.
    • Students present their findings at City Hall

June 6-17
9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Credits: ½ credit free elective, 20 service hours
Summer 2022
Food Justice in Philadelphia
Students will learn what food insecurity is, which populations it affects and how. Students will learn the causes and consequences of food insecurity, as well as policies designed to address food insecurity. Students will volunteer at several organizations to look at urban food insecurity from multiple perspectives. In addition to days of service, the classroom instruction days will be highly interactive. Students will take several smaller field trips and will be exploring the neighborhood around the Prep on foot to complete classroom activities.
Prerequisites: none
Ms. Bethany Weed
Teacher, History and Social Sciences Department