Summer Programs 2022

The Prep will offer summer sessions and camps for a variety of ages and interests! Click on the information below to get started and learn more.

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Summer Enrichment for Current Prep Students
Upon successful completion, summer enrichment classes taken at the Prep satisfy graduation requirements, appear on a student’s final transcript, and count towards the cumulative GPA.
Program Information

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  • Details

    The ½ credit courses cost $850 each. 
    The full credit classes run from 6/13 to 7/22 and cost $1700.
    No classes will be held on 6/20 and 7/4 in observance of Juneteenth and Independence Day.
    All courses begin promptly at 9 a.m. and finish at 2 p.m. Each day, there is a lunch break and one or two shorter stretch breaks.
  • Restrictions

    In the summer, a student may take one half-credit course, two half-credit courses, or one full-credit course.  No student may take more than one credit in the summer.
    Students who must remediate a failed course from the 2021-22 school year are not eligible to take a summer enrichment course.

    Barring unforeseen circumstances, all classes will be offered on campus at the Prep.  Hybrid/virtual options are not available.
    The offering of each summer course is contingent upon enrollment.  If a course is canceled due to insufficient enrollment, enrolled students will be notified during the second week of May, and payment will be credited toward regular tuition.
    The deadline for enrollment in summer courses is Friday, May 6. By that date, any course with insufficient enrollment will be canceled.  Following that date, late registration may be permitted if space is available.  No student may enroll after Wednesday, June 9.
    If a student chooses to withdraw from a summer program between May 6 and June 12, he is entitled to a refund of half the tuition.  As of June 13, there will be no refund for withdrawal or dismissal from the program.
    Enrollment in a class does not guarantee the awarding of credits.  In order to earn the corresponding credit, a student must successfully complete all assignments and assessments.  Academic dishonesty, disciplinary issues, failure to complete assignments, poor academic performance, excessive absence, lateness, or early departure could result in a student’s removal from the course without the awarding of credit or reimbursement of tuition.  If a student fails a summer enrichment class, he must remediate the class in the 2022-23 school year.  There is no refund if a student fails the course.
Course Offerings

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  • Biology

    This course is an introduction to the life sciences.  Its major objective is to give the student an appreciation and understanding of life processes. The introductory course focuses on several themes in the life sciences: diversity and the unity of life, interdependence of organisms, evolution and science as a process. Topics include molecular biology, molecular genetics, cell biology, metabolism, classical genetics, microbiology, botany, zoology and human biology. Laboratory work using the scientific method with an emphasis on data analysis is emphasized. The scientific method is highlighted in learning how to write a lab report.  Laboratory work is an integral part of the course with students developing skills with the microscope, proper dissection technique and computer-based laboratory protocols. 

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Freshman Physics I and approval by Department Chairperson.
    Biology - SCI201 - 1 credit
  • Chemistry

    This course provides the student with a fundamental grasp of chemistry which includes using scientific measurement and lab techniques, classification of matter, the behavior of gasses, the characteristics of liquids and solids, atomic structure, periodicity, chemical bonds, equilibrium, and theories and reactions of acids and bases as well as kinetics and thermochemistry.  Some of the skills that a student will achieve during the course include problem-solving techniques, analytical thinking, expressing ideas with clarity and logic; significant figures/rounding off of calculations, proper usage of research for project/reports, as well as the use of mathematical relationships to predict outcomes.  Labs are structured to enforce the understanding of the chemical topics taught within the classroom setting.  Students are required to develop and apply the scientific method in producing a lab report based on his experimental results.   Labs are both physical as well as technologically based experimentation.                          
    Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Physical Science and Biology.  Chemistry taken in a summer school program does not qualify a student for AP Chemistry or AP Biology.
    Chemistry - SCI 301 - 1 credit
  • Fine Arts

    This semester course focuses on developing compositional and design skills using the elements and principles of art. Students will learn to formulate original ideas, express their ideas in visual form and design work to convey meaning. Students will work in the art studio to develop ideas through a variety of media, techniques, and materials that will be further developed and finalized on the computer using the Adobe programs Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Students will learn throughout the semester, how to be thorough, deliberate, and expansive in their visual thinking.  Students will be given projects, problems and themes to address and solve. Historical and contemporary examples of design will be viewed throughout the semester for inspiration. Through discussions, written reflections, and critiques students will learn to evaluate and revise their own and others’ work throughout the artistic process.

    Upon successful completion of this course students will be eligible for Multimedia Design II
    Multimedia Design - I ½ credit
  • History and Social Sciences

    The US Government course is designed to give students a critical perspective on government and politics in the United States.  The course will commence with an examination of the historical foundations that have helped to shape American government.  Also, students will study how and why government functions in American society today. A college level textbook will be used in this course. Additional readings and documentaries will be scheduled for additional insights into current topics. The summer reading project will be evaluated in early September.  Also, students will be expected to complete a research paper designed to examine and explain some aspect of this course.  
    Prerequisite:  None  
    US Government and Politics - HIS301 1 credit
  • Mathematics

    This course is designed for specially qualified students who have demonstrated above-average ability and interest in mathematics and who have a strong desire to study Calculus [particularly AP Calculus] in the following year.  The course presents content similar to that in MAT301 as well as optimization, parametric equations, polar coordinates, conic sections and equations of circle.  Students are also expected to encounter more challenging exercises and homework assignments.
    Prerequisite:  93 in MAT202 or passing score on placement test offered in the Spring in conjunction with departmental approval.
    In-class Requirements: TI89 graphing calculator
    Honors Precalculus - MAT302 - 1 credit
  • Religious Studies

    In this course, students will embark on an exploratory survey of contemporary approaches to environmental ethics from within the Christian tradition. In addition to scholarly proposals and interpretive frameworks, traditional theological sources of inspiration, practical normative applications, and reporting on current issues facing the global ecological community will be considered for review. A majority of the work of note will consist of topics, issues, and written material pertaining to recent developments within the field/discipline of Christian environmental ethics [approx. 1960-present], although some material outside of the time period will be presented to help frame the discussion.
    Prerequisite: None
    Environmental Ethics - ½ credit
Service Learning for Prep Students!
Summer Transportation
Yes, we offer busing from your neighborhood! Busing hubs throughout the Delaware Valley makes Prep U an option for students from every area. Shuttle service to and from Suburban Station is also available for those who want to take Regional Rail or live in Center City.

The buses run each morning from approximately 6:45 a.m. (depending on your pickup hub) until students arrive at the Prep by 8:15 a.m. Then they load up again once classes are over at the Prep at 2:15 p.m., to drop off at the hubs. Bus fees (see below) are in addition to the Prep U tuition. You will choose a transportation option during the registration process.

Dates of Operation
Shuttle: June 13-July 22
Bus: June 27-July 22
Bus 2-Way Bus 1-Way Suburban Station Shuttle
$350 $200 $100
Depending on the number of students on each route, your child may be assigned to either a bus or a van. For those familiar with the Prep’s transportation and busing during the school year, please note that the summer program uses different routes. During both the summer and the school year, we do our best to meet all the transportation needs of the Prep community.

To view bus routes for this summer, please click HERE.

The deadline to register for Summer Transportation is Friday, June 3.