Alumni Service Corps

The ASC Program at the Prep

The Alumni Service Corps(ASC) is a 10-month volunteer program for St. Joseph's Preparatory School alums that have recently graduated from college. Alums work in a variety of different jobs at the Prep and get involved in extracurricular activities, sports, clubs, retreats, and service projects. In return for this work, ASC members receive housing (utilities paid) and a stipend for food and other expenses.

Applicants are subject to the same academic criteria as applicants for full-time teaching positions, i.e., bachelor's degree in subject area, recommendations, interviews with and approval of department chair, principal, and president. Among other things, the Prep's needs in a particular subject area and/or extracurricular activity, as well as the applicant's recommendations, will be taken into account. Those applying for non-academic jobs should be able to have comparable experience or the ability to relate their own experience to the work needed.

ASC members live in community and meet frequently throughout the year to pray and reflect on their experience. If accepted, all are expected to be active participants in the ASC community as well as the Prep community. ASC members are full-time volunteers and student loan deferment is possible.

The deadline to apply for 2014-2015 is November 13, 2013. If you have any questions about the Alumni Service Corps program, please email Sam Deitch at

2013-2014 ASC Members
From left to right: Colin O'Brien, Timothy Dougherty, Michael Hoban and Michael Scannapieco