About the Prep

   St. Joseph's Prep Is:
  • An independent, Catholic, college-prep school for boys in grades 9-12
  • The only Jesuit high school in the Delaware Valley, one of only 46 Jesuit high schools in the US
  • A diverse community of young men who hail from over 270 different elementary and middle schools, 177 different zip codes, and 10 different counties
  • A faculty of scholars, mentors, and coaches--91% of whom hold a master's degree or higher

St. Joseph's Prep. "The Prep."

Go anywhere in the Delaware Valley and say those words and people know us. They know the excellence produced here since 1851. They know that a graduate of St. Joseph's Prep is more than just a scholar. Preppers are leaders in business, in education, in law, in politics. They are "men for and with others" who serve their families, their churches, their communities.

A Prep education offers what other schools cannot: a learning experience rooted in Jesuit spirituality, a commitment to strong moral and ethical values, and a curriculum focused on academic excellence that paves the way for future success.

Our Philosophy

Over the last two thousand years a community of believers have struggled to lead lives modeled on the teachings of their Redeemer Jesus Christ and to spread the “good news” implicit in the New Testament accounts of His life. For almost five hundred years the Society of Jesus founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola has worked in that tradition of the Roman Catholic Church to bring to each new generation an appreciation of the importance of these Christian values in helping all to lead rich and meaningful lives.


Founded in 1851 as a Jesuit secondary school for young men, St. Joseph’s Preparatory School today strives to interpret the Ignatian charism for all of its students, stressing in particular that each one of them is an individual redeemed with a perfectible nature and, further, that all other human beings are similarly blessed and gifted. With this belief as a cornerstone, St. Joseph’s Preparatory School encourages its students to discover through serious and prayerful reflection not only a strong sense of their own self worth but also a clear responsibility to share their gifts working with, and for, their fellow human beings.

This invitation requires a habit of reflection and resolve that is modeled on the “Spiritual Exercises” of Ignatius and designed to promote the growth of a person who is striving to become more spiritual and loving, more intellectual and open, and, finally, ever more committed to promoting faith and justice.

To promote this growth, the school embraces the Ignatian emphasis on a spirit of cura personalis which affirms the value and dignity of every individual and trusts that students will prosper in an environment where they are nurtured and encouraged to make choices that are a manifestation of their most noble and generous instincts, the signs of the spirit of their Redeemer working within them.