Jesuit Vocations

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming in class or on the bus and imagining yourself as a Jesuit?  It’s not as strange as it may sound!  

The first step in considering a life as a Jesuit is as easy as having an informal conversation with a teacher, campus minister, or one of the Jesuits here at the Prep!

So what exactly is it like to be a Jesuit? Well, Jesuits are members of a religious order, and as such, we make 3 vows: poverty, chastity, & obedience. We make these vows for two main reasons. First, they help us to model our lives a little more like Christ’s, who lived poor, chaste, and obedient. And second, they help us be more available to serve our various missions. Jesuits serve as doctors, high school teachers, retreat directors, parish priests, community organizers, social workers, lawyers fighting for social justice, astronomers, authors, and in so many other ways. As Jesuits, we believe that God can be found “in all things,” and so we are open to serving in all places!

Another thing that’s great about being a Jesuit is that you won’t do it alone! We live in community with other Jesuits. This provides us with great friendships, camaraderie, and companions on the journey, just like the first disciples had.

Can you imagine yourself as a Jesuit? Think about joining us! It’s a wonderful life!  



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