McShain Library

Open Monday- Thursday 8am-5pm; Friday 8am-4pm
Help Desk is open Monday - Friday 8am - 3:15pm

The mission of the library program at St. Joseph's Preparatory School is to build a community of readers and thinkers by ensuring that all members of our learning community, students and adults, have access to a wide variety of literary and scholarly materials in many formats, and become effective users of ideas and information.

Library Expectations

  1. Respect the rights of other library users to study and learn.
  2. Work quietly.
  3. Respect library staff.
  4. Clean up after yourself.
  5. READ!

Library Guidelines

  1. If library staff can smell your food you will be asked to eat elsewhere.
  2. Drinks with covers/lids are permitted.
  3. Mobile devices are permitted for texting and internet use. Please do not make or receive phone calls.
  4. Play games on desktops after 4pm.

Books: Two weeks
Digital/video cameras: Overnight
Calculators: In library use only

Books: 10 cents per day
Cameras: 50 centers per day
Tripods: 25 cents per day
You can either pay your fines in cash or bring in canned goods. Both will be donated to the Hurtado Food Bank.

Students may use the desktops for printing.
Students may use the copier in the library for 10 cents per page.
Printing is free and only in black & white.


For more information about the Library at St. Joseph's Prep, contact:

Sonia Nelson
Head Librarian
Twitter: @sonia_nelson

Eleanor Tecosky-Feldman
Library Assistant
Twitter: @ETecosky_SJP

Click here for the SJP Library blog
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