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Our dedicated Board of Trustees, under the leadership of James J. Mergiotti '71, Board Chair, have worked for many months with Rev. John W. Swope, SJ '72, President of St. Joseph's Prep, to formulate the strategic plan:

Many Parts, One Prep: The Vision for St. Joseph’s Prep

During the process, we listened to all members of the Prep community – our students, parents, colleagues, alumni and friends. Our plan calls for a greater expectation of involvement from all members of the school community – “CITIZENS, if you will, in our Prep nation!” Embracing this Prep Citizenship is vital in order for us to achieve all of the goals of this plan.

Four areas of concentration will be our pillars:

LIVE our Catholic and Jesuit Mission

The cornerstone of everything we do at the Prep is based in the Ignatian teaching of AMDG, Ad Majorem dei Gloriam, living to enhance the glory of God. We talk often of our Catholic faith being Incarnational, that we have to be the hands, feet, face of God to all we serve. That core belief must permeate everything that we do.

ENHANCE Academic Excellence

For decades, the Prep has been well known as being academically challenging. We not only resemble that remark but we welcome it, we wear it like a badge of honor. That academic challenge is a hallmark of a Prep education, smart students from good families guided by incredibly dedicated and educated teachers who see their time at the Prep as their calling. We will also examine our academic facilities to create the best educational opportunities for our students.

STRENGTHEN an Environment of Involvement, Respect & Connection

We live in a very connected world where the old walls of race, gender, socio-economics and geography are much less of an impediment. It is vital for a graduate of St. Joseph's Prep to learn to be a global citizen. To accomplish this, our community needs to reflect the diversity of the world around us so the Prep must be committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion, not only in enrollment, but also in areas such as employment practices, school curriculum and instructional practice.

SUSTAIN the Prep Mission Through Enhanced Revenue Strategies

As an educational institution, we have two sources of revenue: tuition and philanthropy. It is so urgent that we nurture a culture of philanthropy here at the Prep, to have our community understand that we are all philanthropists, that the Prep needs us all to thrive. That means continued support of our Prep Fund and a renewed focus on creating a strong endowment to ensure that deserving young men are able to receive a Prep education. We must also continue to create a learning environment that matches the quality of education at the Prep. I will be sharing more about these plans with you soon.

Click here to read more about the objectives of these four goals.

These goals, these pillars, are ambitious. We will need strong support from our community, especially philanthropically, to achieve them. The Prep community has come through for our beloved school for more than a century and we are confident that will happen again.

We challenge each of us to rise to the calling of this new strategic rise to our calling as citizens of Prep nation!

After all…



Click on any link below to read more about the various components of our strategic plan:

Board of Trustees Letter

A Vision of Citizenship

Goals of The Plan

Renewing Our Commitment
to 17th & Girard

"St. Joseph's Preparatory School has had the richest, most complete, most positive influence on my life, as compared to any other institution I've been involved with -- more so than Yale, Temple Law, or other non-profits I've supported. I hope that, one day, you discover that the Prep has had the same type of influence on your life."

-- Paul Jaskot, Esq. '86, Trustee
Honors Convocation Address,
November 2016

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